How to add music to Xbox Music in your windows 8.1 devices

Microsoft is trying their best in improving and enhancing the experience for their windows 8 users. Windows 8.1 is the latest microsofts operating can check out my post on why your should update to 8.1. In this operating system microsoft has created a whole new start screen and many other interesting features. And one of those features include music listening activities. Do you know microsoft has replaced windows media player from the new Xbox music listening app. But if you feel complicated while using Xbox music app then you can also install windows media player from the programs list.

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Like windows media player Xbox music also allows users to play songs which are downloaded, copied from flash drives or which are stored in your system drives. You can also able to stream free music for six months and can able to create a local collection of your music files which are stored in your devices. Xbox music also allow user to scan their music files which are present in Xbox, windows phone, Android phones, iPhones or from Online stores. Xbox overalls wants that their users can enjoy music anytime, anywhere without exerting much effort

So, keep reading this article and find out that how can you add music files in your Windows 8.1 Xbox music app. Before starting let me tell you that you will going to need an update for your windows 8 operating system which can be downloaded from the official microsoft website. But don’t worry, let it be if you can’t able to find an update for your operating system.

  • Adding music files from your CD/DVD to XBOX Music In Windows 8.1

You cannot add your music files directly to your Xbox music app. But this doesn’t mean at all that you cannot play your music files from your CD/DVD. You just need to use windows media player to get your music files on your system. Following steps will help you in performing this work :

1. Go to your Start screen by pressing your windows button.

2. You will going to see an arrow at the bottom of your screen, Simply click that arrow.

3. Then touch Windows Media Player in the list of applications.

4. Select Recommended Settings and then click on Finish.

5. Now right click on your music album cover and then click on Open file location.

6. Again go back to your Start screen and search for Music option.

Note: Music is the official name for Xbox music application.

7. At the last you have to add your music files under the collection tab.

Play music from iTunes or from other folders.

If you have purchased any music files from iTunes then you can easily play it by adding that file to your Xbox music. Just follow the below steps and thats all :

1. Go to your Start Screen and click on Desktop live tile

2. Click on the folder in the left of the taskbar.

3. Again click on the music folder.

4. Choose the music file which you want to play.

How to add music to Xbox Music in your windows 8.1 devices

Xbox music will automatically start playing your file. You can also simply drag your music files into the Xbox music folder and play them.

Not only this if you want to listen online music you just have to go to click explore tab and just play those files which you want to hear. But this feature is not at all free you have to pay some charges. Hope, you have enjoyed while reading this article. If you have any type of problem you can surely leave a comment below and give me chance to solve out your problem. At the last do not forgot to share this tutorial with your friends.

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