Activate Internet Banking SBI:How to Login & Use It?

Activate Internet Banking SBI: In pursuance of learning how to activate internet banking or log into SBI we must mention two facts related to the topic “Activate Internet Banking SBI”. One is- State Bank of India, SBI in short is the leading Bank of India authorised by the central Government, and a vast percentage of bank users belongs to SBI. Another important fact is that, in this era of “dot com”, we like to make everything simpler yet easy. Thus, the idea of net banking has born.

No doubt, these two facts I have mentioned above are the min reason we are also an account holder of SBI and seeking for the method to activate internet banking with SBI. Of course, none of us would like to stand in a long congested queue and wait for our turn, while we can get our work done just sitting back home and playing with our fingers.      

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Advantages of SB Internet Banking

A proper use of technology can feed you loads of advantages, so does uses of net banking. Let’s have glance on possible advantages of using internet banking.

1: Time and energy saving. Yes, this one I have talked about already. No congested queue, no traffic jams on the rout to banks, no extra expenditures on transport too. You can get your work with bank transaction stuffs from home, office or anywhere you want.

2: Freedom to access into banking stuff at any time (24×7). Lives are busy. This is just another common fact. There can be many reasons (Health or Work Schedule) for which you hardly get time to visit a bank. Sometimes is really hard to take out time to visit a bank but you urgently need to make a transaction. Of such situations, internet banking is the saviour.     

3: Net banking makes it so easy to monitor on your transaction status. For this, you don’t need to wait for bank to update your account. Also, you can monitor the investment progress of yours, review on rates of interest offered by banks and applying for loans can be done by a couple of clicks on mouse or just a few taps on your Smartphone-screen.

4: Net banking is generally safe; if, you are using a website with a valid and proper security certificate. Only websites with a protection from cyber thieves are recommended if you are on net banking.

How to Activate Internet Banking SBI?

Your basic requirement of SBI net banking can be any of above mentioned advantages. However, you could think net banking is kind of tiresome stuff and a complicated one. Well, it just matter of few lines, after that you will poke yourself for your misconception.  

Now, as it is about net banking, it has to be personal and secured. For this you will need a unique login ID and password. These login ID and password will be given to from bank for first and further use.Here I am showing you two possible ways to activate internet banking SBI with username and password. Pick the one which you find more convenient.

1: Visit the Nearest SBI Branch Office  

Following this method, you will need to knock on nearest SBI branch door in order to get a user ID and password.

1st Step-  Visit a SBI Branch office and consult with branch officer, if any. Ask them for net banking account ID and password mentioning your purpose.

Note: A bank account of your name is needed in order to get internet banking facility.

2nd Step-  Then, they will ask you to fill up an application form with your full name (as given in your bank account), bank account details, phone number, email ID etc. Once the form is filled up properly, return it to the officer; and then you will be given a SBI internet banking temporary user ID and password.

3rd Step-  Now, don’t show your teeth, not just yet. As you need to wait for the given credentials to be activated for 24 hours. Too long to wait? But I can’t help you on this, because it is as per SBI rule that you just can’t sign into your net banking account before the given period of time.

4th Step–  24 hours over? Now you are free to access to and navigate the Login button just under the personal banking section. You may see two login buttons there, but you should hit only the first button.

5th Step- On the next page, click on the “CONTINUE TO LOGIN” button to proceed further. Then on the next page, you will need to enter your username and password of net banking account provide from bank.

6th Step- At this stage, you will be logged into your net banking account with those temporary username and password given by bank. However, you will need to another username for permanent uses which you won’t be able to change once submitted.So, before you proceed to enter the permanent username, make sure to keep that in mind. Also, you will have to enter the kit number which you have got from bank. Once the required details are entered, check or accept the term and conditions and click on “Submit” button to finalize it.

7th Step- On the next page, you will need to set your new login password up. This is the password you must enter with permanent username while login to your net banking account in the future.

8th Step- Now then, as you have finally set up the permanent login password, you can proceed to set up security question with hint answer, DOB, Place of birth, Country, and phone number. Finally, click the “Submit” button once again and you’r done!  

This is it, from here my friend you are good to go with your net banking stuff. But, don’t miss a thing. Perhaps, you may want to try another way to get yourself logged into your net banking account. And trust me; this one is the easiest I have experienced so far.

2: Nope! You Don’t Really Need to Visit Any SBI Branch Office ☺

While following the first method, you didn’t notice the link of “New User Registration” in the Homepage of Did you?  Well, SBI didn’t have this feature in early days but now they do. What’s that all about and how does it work? Well, I suggest you to check out the following step by step instruction.

1st Step- In the Homepage, navigate the “New User Registration” alternative and click on it.

2nd Step- Then a pop-up message will appear. Click “OK” to proceed.  

3rd Step- On this stage, you will need to fill up a form with several important info. I suggest you to enter the info very carefully and correctly.

From here, jump to the previous method’s 3rd step and proceed from there as instructed. This method is preferred by those who do not even have time to collect temporary user ID and password.

So, this is all you have to do in order to activate internet banking SBI. And I am confident that you won’t face any issues in following my instruction and getting your job done.Well, anything can happen. So, if you face anything unexpected, just let me know in the comment section. And, if you are satisfied with my instructions, you know it won’t take too much time to leave a sweet feedback. ☺   

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