How To Open / Access Blocked Websites At school,Office,College ?

Open blocked website at school/Work is a well search topic over the Internet.Since the revolution in web security is prime concern hence public place,school.Various Collages/Office blocked site access for better working condition.In this post, we are going to cover the topic access to blocked sites which allow unrestricted web access at any place across the this post, we will be sharing with you some of the best methods to get on blocked websites at Work.You can also read my previous post on remove memory card password.

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How To Bypass Blocked Websites At School By Using Proxy Sites

To open block sites at school using proxy is super easy & extremely popular.proxy server are sites which ip the users details from requested server & map that request with some other code so that requested server doesn’t distinguish among url.There are hundreds of proxy sites available which are free and very good at their work you can also refered our below list to open block sites at can also try how to bypass surveys.

You can also google for some free and more proxy sites i.e best free proxy sites’

Ways To Access Blocked Websites At Work Using software

In this we are bypassing the user request to server with the help of can use ultrasurf proxy software to access block websites at office/school.This software is free you can download it from here.It has great features which gives it enormous power to open any block websites at public place or school/home.

the interface of this app is super easy.if you want to use unrestricted access of internet on your pc you must try ultrasurf.

Ultrasurf Free Proxy to open blocked sites at school

How To Unblock Websites Using Ip Address

In this method ,we can access blocked sites at any place with ip address of any find out the ip address of any sites we have to CMD i.e command prompt on windows computer or you can also use online tool for it.then just paste that ip into url field of ,your browser and hit enter…….or tada….you have website access to blocked site.

There’s another way to do above process that is online go to the sites name in the field then click on find ip(as shown below comments).

how to convert domain into ip address

Unblock Websites At School Using Google Chrome Extension

in this method,we can access blocked site at school using the chrome extension.Hola is popular browser proxy extension which integrate the proxy seamlessly to the browser so that user don’t need to visit proxy sites to open blocked can install this extension of chrome or firefox at free of cost.

How To View Blocked Websites Using Translation Service

in this method ,we will see how to open blocked site using the translator this kind of services user have to type the url into the translator site then that translator site convert that  text into some other text then send request to the this service we just discuss the server to make it behave like a real.

Hope we have enjoyed my article on unblock websites at school.if you have any issue then write down in below comment.i will more than happy to answer it for you.


  1. Sunday

    Hi Mahesh,
    Its interesting to learn of the ways to access or open blocked sites using some proxy software. However, my question is why doing this? Is it legit?

    There must have been good reason(s) why the site was blocked in the first place. I not too sure if this is smart move. I stand to be corrected, this seems to be sneaky!
    I left this comment in where this post was shared.

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