9 Reason Business Should Move to Cloud

It is an inevitable trend for many businesses large and small to switch to cloud hosting. But what makes it happen? Compared to traditional on-site alternatives, cloud hosting is a higher-end service that is supported by the most innovative cloud computing technologies. Due to these technologies, thousands of machines from different geographic locations can act like one same system.

Unlike other hosting solutions like virtual private (VPS) or dedicated server depending on a single machine, the security of cloud hosting is guaranteed by multiple servers. And the cloud technology can easily integrate extra resources like RAM or space, thereby being able to accelerate websites growth.

Here in below are more reasons that can explain why cloud hosting can replace VPS and dedicated servers among businesses today.

Cloud Hosting is Easier to Set Up

Cloud hosting makes it possible for companies to leave all technical aspects of setting up aside, for the reason that the cloud service providers would do it for them. All they need is to get it up and running. Just with a simple click, customers can get control over their cloud hosting services without needing the help of an IT expert.

Cloud Hosting Offers Easier and Faster Communication

Cloud hosting uses emails, live chats, and video conferences instead of personal meet-ups or phone calls. This has largely simplified and speeded up interaction both within the company and with clients for either local or remote service.

Cloud Hosting has High Availability

A lost laptop or a computer failure not just means a billion dollar business problem, even worse, also means the loss of some significant data inside it. Unless the data has been stored elsewhere before, there is no way for it to come back. However, cloud hosting gives companies an assurance that their websites would still be online and they can have smooth operation as normal in an event of a computer failing to work. To know a list of cloud hosting with high availability, please check out this.

A Company’ Web Presence Grows

The beauty of cloud hosting is the service enables companies to boost their businesses online by using various marketing tools. A wide range of software like online videos, email marketing, advertisements and etc. are available for them to freely make use of.

Cloud Service is Highly Automated

A cloud hosting provider takes care of updating the software and security automatically. The result is companies will always have the latest release of applications to make powerful websites. And they will never need to waste time on maintaining system themselves.

Websites Will Load Faster

Since most cloud hosting locates or utilizes servers in different datacenters around the world, companies can choose the nearest one to host their websites. In this way, they can enjoy an optimized load speed.

Cloud Hosting is Environmental-Friendly

Going with cloud hosting can help companies decrease the use of computers, thus minimizing their electric consumption at the same time. And as a company only uses the energy it needs if moving to the cloud, it is able to cut carbon footprint in a big degree. In this sense, the environment gets benefits from the growing of cloud hosting service as well.

Cloud Service is Cost Effective

Different from on-site hosting, the price of deploying applications in the cloud can be less due to lower hardware costs from more effective use of physical resources. For a business company, it is only allowed to have limited processing power but avail of a wide array of services such as data backups & recovery, customer support, service provisioning, and infrastructure operating & managing. The overall effect is the reduction of costs.

IT department Can Now Focus on Other Matters

As the cloud hosting companies have done the majority of tech work for a company’s IT department, these IT specialists can be redirected to focusing on other matters like direct client services and internal issues as well.

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