8 Best Android Games For Kids from 2014

In recent post as we have discuss about best shooting games for android hope you have liked that. Today after thinking lot I have finally decided to write on one topic that is on Best Android Games For Kids. I have seen that now a days kids are getting more and more smarter day by day and asking for android phones from their parents. Parents also think that by giving phones to their kids they will be secure and can learn more things. So, today this post can help those parents who want to give android smartphones to their kids.

Below I have listed some Best Android Games For Kids which will be very helpful for parents in making their kids intelligent and more smarter. So continue your reading and find out the best android games for kids:-

Top 8 Best Android Games For Kids

1. Brains My Body

This games for kids is specially developed for children between 3 to 9 years old.Brains My Body is a friendly and an education game. Kids will learn how to build body skeletons and can also identify the position of major organs in our body.Kids will be able to learn that how our blood circulate in our body, how our food digest and even how our brain works. This game can be very helpful for children who want to be doctor in future.kids will really have lots of fun and education while playing this game.this among the best android game for child which are in the age between 3 to 9.

Brain my body android games for kids

2. Sketch a Song

sketch a song is a second member of our best android games for kids list.This app is developed for 6 to 12 years of children.Kids can compose their own music simply by tapping and dragging touchscreen. Sketch a Song contains more that 40 instruments to do different types of experiments.It is really easily for kids to compose their own music with the help of this game.This game can be beneficial for those kids who has passion of singing and of composing music.hope this sketch a song android games for kids will help kids to improve.

3. Dr. Panda’s Home

Dr.pandas home is another mind-blowing android game for kids. The main reason behind referring this games is this android game for kids is about household work. Kids will have lots of fun while playing this game. They have lots of things to do so like brushing teeth, cleaning the floor and much more. This game contains more than 20 mini games in it.Kids will also enjoy to see different types of animal character in this game. I refer this game for 6 to 10 years children.

dr.panda's home

4. A to Sea

This game is made for primary class students. Kids will enjoy this game a lot. A to Sea is an animal alphabetical app from A to Z. With every different letter there is an different animation. Fish will swim, sharks chomp, Butterfly flies and lots more animation for learning letters. Kids can be easily educated with the help of this game. This is a lovely game and you should download this game surely for your kids.


5. Gomma Friends

This game will help your children for understanding better dressing sense. In this game Kids have to dress up a character for going in a party. Kids can create different outfits for 8 different characters in various scenes.The amazing thing about this game is every time when your kids creates a scene, they will unlock gifts in album section. Gift will contains paper models that you can print and make your own scene in reality.

Gomma Friends

6. Peepa Pig’s Sports Day

Hurdle race, Long jump, Ice cream making, bike racing and more games for kids. This game contains 6 different mini games around Peppa and her friends school sports day. I like the most about this game is it’s sound effects. Amazing sound effects, music and graphics. I bet you that your kid will like this game the most from other games.

Peepa Pig's Sports Day

7. Toy Story: Story Theater

By seeing the name only you came to know that this game for kids is all about stories. The main aim of this game is to help children to make their own stories. Kids can make their own story scene and afterwards can record voice and make their own story. Kids will enjoy while making their own story and watching them at the last.

Toy Story: Story Theater

8. Toca Hair Salon 2

Your kids play role as a hairdresser in this game.Kids will get six different colorful character. Kids can style and color their hairs and can take screenshots of their new look.Your kids can express it’s creativity with the help of this game and can be very beneficial in future.

Toca Hair Salon 2

So, there are the best android games for kids. I hope that this article will help you a lot in educating your children.If you have any type of doubt or want to give your opinion on this topic so you can comment below in the comment box.

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