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5 Best facebook chat tricks

Facebook is the most popular social networking sites in the world.Facebook has gained this popularity due to easy to use UI & chat messenger which let you chat with your love once at anytime,anywhere.In this article, i will be sharingw ith you some of the best Facebook chat tricksH ow to Link to an External Site on a Facebook Fan Page.

Best Facebook chat tricks

  • Check who is online & being Offline.

Being Offline is cool Facebook chat tricks plugin which show you the true status of your friend.Some time your friends are online but Facebook shows you offline.This happened because some of your friend might not want you to know that they are online.Now,you can easily find out who is online & being offline by using a plugin called as Online now.Onlinenow is a very simple plugin which shows you who is hiding their status from you.

  • How to send different sizes images in chat box

Facebook recently made some changes which help you send any size of image to your chat can follow below step to send any image with the help of facebook chat tricks.

facebook chat tricks for image size

  • Click on Camera like icon at the button of your chat box
  • Then choose the image you want to send
  • Hit Enter.
  • Go offline for particular person

Now , you can go offline for particular person without going off-line for line.This help you in avoiding the friends whom you don’t want to chat.

facebook chat tricks for turn off

  • Click on chat setting gear icon
  • Select Turn chat off for.
  • Hit enter
  • Upside down Text in Facebook chat tricks

Upside down text cool facebook chat tricks help you to make your chat more interesting & where i use this tricks to tease my friend.

upsidedown cool facebook chat tricks

  • Go to Upsidedown & fill the text box
  • Select the effect
  • Then copy text from box & paste upside down text into chat box
  • Hit enter to send.
  • How to send text In different style

In this facebook chat tricks ,we are going to share with you tricks to send text in different style to your friends.

cool facebook tricks of namefunk

  • Go to namefunk (name funk is a funny text generator)
  • Write,in the given field &select style
  • Copy style text
  • Paste into chat box
  • Hit enter
  • how to bypass surveys online

Hope, you will have fun with cool Facebook chat tricks.In case if i missed anything do let me know in below comment.

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