5 best battery app for android phones

Does your smartphone or tablet need to charge everyday? If yes,then your are landed upon a right page.Smartphone has super rich feature & extreme performance but these thing required extreme energy to keep things going.But Most of the smartphone could keep up with the battery life.Hence, we are sharing with you some of the best battery app for android phones which save your phones battery by managing your phones behavior.You can easily save your phones battery life by installing battery saver apps.in this post,we are suggesting you some of the best battery app for android.you can also check out best music app & best free navigation app for android.

best battery app for android

Their are lot of app on play market which promises to prolong your phones battery life but trust me some of them are completely worthless.However,some of the battery app like Battery doctor is really worth to download.This is my personal favorite battery app.it is available for iPhone & android.this fantastic tool identifies the apps services or features on your device that draining more power then lets you turn them all off in one go.it also tells you how much battery time you have saved by applying its optimization tricks.it also offer other features like power saving modes which you can activate at any time of the day.Battery doctor is one of the best battery app among all battery saving apps.This battery app really worth downloading and working.it saves your phones battery upto 35% and help your to save more to make your phone last longer.

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best battery app android

Another good battery app for making your battery last longer is avg excellent battery manger for android.this app has a useful feature that alerts you when your battery reaches 30 or 50 percent charge.you can then squeeze more from your remaining juice by using the task killer options to close unused apps & save the battery power.we especially like that apps tells you how much time you remain in your hand until next charge.

best battery app for android

Keeping wi fi on all the time gives you instant web access at home & office.however,its also a big drain on your battery ,even when you aren’t connected to the web ,so turning it off will certainly boost your phones battery life considerably.you can so this manually on most devices,either by going to setting and switching Wi-Fi off or by selecting plane mode.alternative is to do this automatically by installing app such as Wi-Fi auto turn off which turns off wifi automatically when you are out of range.This apps save lot of power for your device by managing wifi and Bluetooth for your android device.This is certainly not revolution app but it does help you in saving more battery juice.so i would recommend this battery to everyone who use wifi most.

best battery app for android

If you have ever noticed that your android device loses power,even when it’s idle.the cause is most likely wakelock.This is a feature within the android OS that lets apps keep your phone or tablet awake by using system resources.a full wakelock may turn on your screen keyboard and processor when your phone is in standby mode while partial wakelock just use processor both cause battery drain.installing free app wakelock detector will show you which app cause the biggest wakelock so you change their setting to stop them running.

best battery app for android

Although adverts are offen necessay to fund development of free apps,they are also responsible for major battery again drian.a study last year found that ads consume battery between 65 to 70 percent of their energy used by apps, with popular free games such as Draw Something  and fruit ninja drain your batter three times faster than normal.so it always good idea to disconnect your phone wifi while playing games to save more power.you can also avoid this by installing adblock plus app which is certainy works as best battery app.Do let me know,about your experience with above battery app.And don’t forget to share with your friends.

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