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It’s a rough summer for people who download movies. Pirate Bay has been gone for a while now, and the next best alternative is now also gone. Kickass Torrents was shut down by U.S. law enforcement just last month, leaving people who routinely get their HD movies there scrambling for new sources.

When it comes to watching a free movie on your day off from work, downloading is just not the way to go. There are other alternatives that are easy, free and legal. These alternatives won’t be routinely taken down by law enforcement, leaving you searching frantically for a new method of watching full movies online.

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You could try your hand at randomly searching “watch movies online free” on Google, but how can you know what sites to trust? Many websites that promise free online movies or streaming movies are not secure, and may leave you with tons of pop up ads.

That’s where MegaMovies HD movies search engine  comes in. This new website has compiled the trustworthy streaming websites for you, and with a quick search you can find new, popular free movies online and where to watch them securely. Using the easy to locate search bar at the top of the site, you can type in any movie you may have a hankering for, and receive a list of options of where to watch HD movies online free with a link to the exact movie you were looking for.

The benefit to free movie streaming over downloads is that you are watching full movies online over your internet connection. This means that you’re not putting any files into your hard drive, taking up precious computer storage space. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you’re good to watch free streaming movies online.

Mega Movies search engine was created in 2016 with the idea of providing a place toeasily search for and watch movies online, free streaming available for hundreds of different titles. The workload of searching for the streaming sites yourself is removed from the equation — Mega Movies makes it so all you have to do is click on a movie title, and it does the searching for you. This enables you to watch full movies free and quickly. You can even watch an HD movie trailer beforehand to see if the movie is up your alley.

A site like Mega Movies is necessary because everyone is turning to the internet for entertainment, and there are so many untrustworthy sites and problems with downloads that get in the way of our pursuit to watch full movies online. Many people are probably used to downloading movies, but the fact of the matter is that streaming is overtaking downloads in popularity for a number of good reasons.

When you stream, you can almost immediately watch online movies free without needing to wait for the file to torrent and save like with downloading. The larger the file, the longer it takes to watch the movie. When it comes to an HD quality movie, this could mean waiting a long while. Also, no storage space is required on your actual hard drive. Clearing your cache of internet files is enough to speed up the streaming process, much easier than deleting files saved on your computer.

The fact that you’re not saving any files onto your computer when you watch free movies online using Mega Movie means that you’re less at risk for malware. However, malware is still always a problem, which is why Mega Movie search engine compiles the best trustworthy sources to watch new movies online free.

Last year, streaming music services surpassed music downloads for the very first time, according to the RecordingIndustry Association of America. It’s really only a matter of time until we have the exact same situation with movie streaming. In order to be in touch with the best methods of receiving entertainment, it’s best to know what sites offer the best movie streaming services.

On Mega Movies easy to navigate home page, there is a wide array of brand new movie posters of new releases you might be interested in. With just a few clicks, you can find a location to watch any of these free online movies:The Purge: Election Year, Finding Dory, Warcraft, The Nice Guys, Hush, Zootopia, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Revenant,Me Before You, and many more. Check out the Mega Movies search engine and utilize the future of streaming free movies.

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