December 6, 2022

Top parental control apps for iPhone

Children nowadays have a lot of resources in their hand to get support for their education. The Internet has become an important part of their lives as it not only allows them to connect with the school friends but help them a lot in completing school assignments. Though the internet has a lot of benefits for the children, the ugly side of the internet can make any parent worried to the core.

There are a lot of anti-social elements that can exploit your innocent kids and can make them do things which they will never do under your supervision. You might have heard of Blue Whale and Momo Challenge games which have claimed a number of lives across the world. Also, extremist groups around the world are using the internet to recruit young souls for their groups.

With all these problems with internet, it is important for the parents to keep an eye on the internet usage of their children. There are a number of apps that can enhance the parental controls on your child’s iPhone. Though iPhone parental controls have improved a lot but the additional options that are available on these apps are definitely going to improve the security.


  • Spyzie iPhone Monitoring


It is a multilingual app that has advanced surveillance options. The app works with iCloud ID on the monitoring device and you will be able to keep real-time track of your child without making them aware of it. You can check messages, calls, apps like WhatsApp and much more. The app is available with a premium plan of $9.99/month.


  • Qustodio iPhone Parental Control


It is highly advanced and free app which is considered one of the best parental control apps available in the market. You can not only restrict content, apps and social media platforms but also monitor their activities on the social media apps. You can also track location, check messages and calls remotely, block calls and do a lot more with this app.


  • Kidgy Parental Control app


This is without any doubt the best application available on the market right now. It is a multiplatform app that is available on both Android and iPhones/iPads. You can do a lot to restrict the internet usage on your child’s phone with this app. It not only helps you in tracking the location of your child but also helps in geofencing the surroundings of your child. You can restrict the time your child spends on the internet. You will get access to messages, calls, social media and other information on your child’s phone with this app.


  • FamiSafe Parental Control for iPhone


Highly reliable and easy to understand app comes with a lot of inbuilt features like screen time, app blocker, web filter, location tracker and much more. You also set geofences on the child’s phone with this app. You can restrict content, apps and filter adult websites as well.


  • PhoneSheriff iPhone Monitoring


Fairly priced app at just $89 per annum, this iPhone parental controls app allows you to keep complete track of your child’s activity over the internet. You can also track location, restrict applications, block content like porn websites, check social media activities, check call and message log and much more.


  • Teensafe Parental Control for iPhone


This app is specifically designed for those who are a regular victim of cyberbullying. These apps not only help in blocking the abusers but also help in tracking the location of the child, restrict content, check activity on social media and much more.


  • Netsanity iPhone Monitoring


Available at just {3962041e88bb5765d1734199d06601afaa1ab9ffe521f77fd031a9e219bebecd}59.95 per annum, this app allows you to track the activity of your kids remotely on iPhone and iPad. This app has advanced security features like restricting specific content, restricting app usage and track social media activity along with message activity.


  • Ourpact Parental Control for iPhone


Although this is a free app with almost all the features, you can opt for the premium app which will cost you around $1.99 per annum. It is one of the best apps available to track the internet usage of your child. This app is famous specifically for the ability to restrict the internet usage on the iPhone and iPads remotely. They promote this app as the best way to bring families closer by restricting internet usage to limited hours per day.


  • Mobicip iPhone Parental Control


Available at just $39.99 per annum with support for 5 devices, this app is one of the best options available for larger families. You can also opt for the free version of the app which has some basic security features. You can filter content and manage online activity with only a few clicks. It is an easy-to-understand application that comes with a lot of features like time setting, custom settings, report generation and a lot more.


  • NetNanny iPhone Monitoring


Another popular parental control application, this app is available at only $12 per device per annum. It brings a lot of options on the table making it much easier for the parents to control the internet usage of their kids. You can manage the time they spend on the internet, filter adult and abusive content, monitor social media activity including Facebook, Instagram and twitter etc. You can also get real-time reports, set custom user profiles, track location, track messages and calls and block callers as well.


  • Mobistealth iPhone Monitoring


This is an easy to use application that helps you track every activity on your child’s phone. It comes with an interesting keylogger feature which will send periodic reports and you will be able to see what all your kid is typing on different applications.

There are a lot of applications that can help you in keeping an eye on your child’s internet usage. The Internet is good in many ways but on the same hand, it is important to make sure that your child remains on the safer side.

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