Nokia X vs. Moto G: Which One Should You Go for?

The Nokia X has arrived and has been pitted against the Motorola Moto G by the mobile community. We now have a look at the features and specifications to understand what these phones have to offer. To make a right buying choice we are bringing you phone specs comparison of Nokia X vs. Moto G […]

Apple Iphone 6 Rumours ,Truth,Spec,Price

Hello guys, once again in techcloud7.Today we will be discussing more about iPhone6, its features, specification and the most important iPhone 6 release can also read my previous post on samsung s5 . As from the success of iPhone 5S apple has decided to launch iPhone 6 in the market. Apple has also assured that iPhone […]

Best Samsung s5 features & Detail Review

Here, today we will be talking about the latest Samsung S5 features. Samsung will be now finally launching latest Samsung smartphone that is Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy S5 will be soon available in android market. As Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launching in android market in that case we will be discussing Samsung galaxy s5 features for your knowledge […]

Best Smartphones Under 15000 In Jan 2015

If you read regularly then you might have notices that in our previous posts we have talked about best phones under 20000. So,being budget conscious finally I’m writing best mobile to buy under 15000 in India.Phone Market is full of confusion & this will grow even more when you will see more option in case Market & […]

Best Phones Under 20000 RS in India 2014 [November]

I have seen many times that people get confused when goes to buy a phone. Many people buy their phone and then afterwards didn’t get very much impressed by their features. So, after paying 10k to 20k on the particular phone what they actually get? and Are they satisfied with that phone? Thinking of same […]

Best android phone 2014 [till March 2014 ]

We are watching that every month there is a best android phone 2014 come in market with more amazing features. Customers literally spend their lots of time for deciding that which android phone will be better for them. As new technology has been introduced day by day so obviously it will be difficult for anybody […]

8 Best Android Games For Kids from 2014

In recent post as we have discuss about best shooting games for android hope you have liked that. Today after thinking lot I have finally decided to write on one topic that is on Best Android Games For Kids. I have seen that now a days kids are getting more and more smarter day by […]

Top 5 Best shooting games for android phones & Tablet

Hello and welcome to the brand new article of Techcloud7. So guys in this post we will be discussing about the best shooting games for android. After lots and lots of analysis and online research I have finally made a bunch of these Top 5 shooting games for android. I have observed that almost all […]


Android Kitkat 4.4 is new better and improve version of popular android Os.With the release of Nexus 5 some key kitkat features are released on various websites. So lets move ahead and find out that which android kitkat features  makes Android 4.4 so special. So guys after compiling and analyzing all sorts of data on […]

Whatsapp Lock – How to protect your whatsapp with password??

As,we all know whatsapp is the best instant messenger over 450 Million users are enough to prove can also install whatsapp for laptop Whatsapp is became the market leader due to flexible & blazzing performance.whatsapp offer some great feature like messaging,photo sharing and video sharing.but their are several area where whatsapp lacks i.e whatsapp lock .whatsapp […]