December 6, 2022

How To Choose A TV Lift Mechanism

It’s been scientifically proven that it’s easiest for us to perceive information in the form of visual images. And it’s not hard to find good proof of it – today you can find a large-screen TV in almost every house. However, for all the benefits TV users enjoy, this device takes up quite a lot of space and doesn’t suit every room’s interior. This is where tv lifts come in handy.

What Is A TV lift

A TV lift is a simple mechanism that can hide your TV inside a wall or a cabinet when it’s not being used. That may sound like something luxurious that only the wealthiest can pay for, but that’s not true. Some time ago the price of a TV lift and the work required to install it was indeed high, today those have become far more affordable.

TV lift systems can be divided into two groups: pop-up and pop down.

Pop up systems consist of telescopic pipes and an electric motor. When the system is activated, pipes extend and move the TV up. They are the more widely used type of TV lift system.

Pop down systems works similarly, except that in this case the mechanism is designed to pull as well as lift. Pop down systems are more versatile, but require complicated components and can be more expensive than pop up TV lifts.

Choosing The Right TV Lift

There are two factors you need to consider when choosing a TV lift: the size of your TV and the place where you want to install the lift.

Finding a TV lift that will suit your TV is relatively easy, as lifts for all TV sizes can be found on the internet.

Installing the lift is a bit trickier. It’s always better to think about a TV lift beforehand when planning the room interior, but if you want to add the device to the existing furniture it’s possible too. You can have your TV hidden in the wall, in a specially designed locker, or even within the ceiling (with the help of a pop-down system).


A TV lift is a simple yet useful addition to any office or living room. It frees up space and can add a modern look to your apartment or workplace. If you want to get one, you can find a huge list of progressive tv lifts to choose from on our site.

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