5 Best zip password cracker

Zip is the most popular compression file format.usually zip file use for sending files over email & storing on cloud storage.Sometime for additional security we give password to files.but problem arise when we forgot the password.in this situation,you need to have a ZIP password cracker or password recovery tool which help you in retrieving your […]

How To Remove/Uninstall/Get Rid Of Delta Search Engine From Computer

In this post ,we are going to see how to remove delta search engine from chrome browser.In following article article we will exactly tells you how to get rid of delta search engine in just few step.Removing delta search from any browser is not as easy as other programs.hence we are dedicating this complete article […]

How To Manage Cloud Storage Accounts At One Place !!!

In this post, we are going to see how to manage cloud storage into one account.Today cloud storage are everywhere and you perhaps have signed in for more than one services.Cloud storage has been offered by some of the biggest market players like Google, Apple, Drop box, OneDrive, flicker and so on. But managing cloud […]