The Best Gaming Gadgets for Wonderful Experience 2016

Nowadays, gaming is one of the serious things that we cannot do without. The growth of the gaming industry can be witnessed with the emergence of sophisticated gadgets for gaming.  The gadgets can be used for any type of games both online and offline, for both children and adults. These games can be played on […]

The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & Ipad

In Our Last post, we talked about Removing Last Seen Timestamp from WhatsApp.There are lots of people who use their smartphones for doing those things which they generally do on their personal computer. For example, Many people like playing games on their smartphones, taking amazing photos and then editing them so today we are going […]

How to Remove Last Seen Timestamp from WhatsApp in iPhone

One decade before in past, text messages were new for people and they were ten times more costly than today’s prices. Technology always brings useful inventions that help humans to make their lives more luxurious. But it’s the fact that every innovation bring drawbacks with them, similarly excess use of text messaging is making teenagers’ […]

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps 2014 for Music Lovers

In this post,we are going to review some of the best music app for iphone .When you start thinking for your special moments which are involved in your life, its like there is a song which is relating to each and every special moment.It will be incomplete without a good today we are sharing […]

10 Best Games For iPhone & Ipod

Have you ever played games on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices ? If yes then you already knows that playing games on these devices just feel amazing. Apple devices have superb features and specifications which let you play awesome games very smoothly even at high resolutions And with the help of Apple iTunes Store you can […]

iOS 8 Release Date & Rumors

Apple unveiled the curtain off of their newest firmware update naming it iOS 7 and its been the massive update thats been ever released from the tech giant. Although, iOS 7 has got some issues, another OS probably is in the making in the cooking section of Apple. Last year, the spotlight was on the […]

Apple Iphone 6 Rumours ,Truth,Spec,Price

Hello guys, once again in techcloud7.Today we will be discussing more about iPhone6, its features, specification and the most important iPhone 6 release can also read my previous post on samsung s5 . As from the success of iPhone 5S apple has decided to launch iPhone 6 in the market. Apple has also assured that iPhone […]